The Archery Website is Live - What You Should Know!

The Archery's website is now live! The Archery is a Microblading Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded by Phibrows Royal Artist Jonelle Salzman. The Archery's primary focus is providing the best microblading in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota, and has plans to introduce other permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic procedures. The Archery is an all Phibrows Certified Microblading studio, upholding the highest quality standards, technique, pigment and products. 

When it comes to semi-permanent eyebrows, The Archery offers it all. From microblading (aka feather brows, eyebrow tattoos), to ombre brows (aka powder brows) and microblading plus shading. Come to The Archery website to find microblading FAQs, information on our local microblading artists, microblading before and after pictures and more! You can also find each artists individual booking site and samples of their work. 

For those who stumbled upon our page while doing research, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique, in which a small tool made out of many micro needles is used to manually draw hair-like strokes into the skin to enhance your brows. We specialize in the Phibrows technique, which is the most natural looking, high quality microblading technique available and creates customized brows for each person based on their natural hair growth, facial structure and more. 

We are excited to welcome you all to our new studio, and answer any questions you may have!