About The Archery

Minneapolis Microblading at it's finest. The Archery is a diversely educated, high-end microblading studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Designed by Owner and Royal Artist Jonelle Salzman, The Archery has a fundamental goal of providing the highest quality microblading procedure and results to clients all over the country.

At The Archery, one size does NOT fit all! We work with each client to customize their ideal brow following facial symmetry, natural hair growth and stroke pattern to enhance your natural brows and beauty. Our mission is to make sure you leave ecstatic, looking and feeling beautiful. 

Do Your Research!

We highly encourage you to do research before choosing a microblading studio, or microblading in Minneapolis. We more and more frequently receive requests to fix other artists work that has left unnatural strokes, discoloration or a blurred effect. Trust us, we want to help! Quick tip: Be on the lookout for healed result photos. It is important to see that results will heal as precise strokes.