About The Archery

Minneapolis microblading at it's finest. The Archery is a diversely educated cosmetic tattoo collective in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Designed by Owner and Royal Artist Jonelle Salzman, The Archery has a fundamental goal of providing reliable, high quality cosmetic tattoo and microblading results to clients all over the country. The Archery is home to several skilled independent artists that offer exceptional microblading and micropigmentation services.

At The Archery, one size does NOT fit all! We work with each client to customize their ideal brow, following facial symmetry, natural hair growth, and stroke pattern to best enhance your natural features. Our mission is to make sure we work together to determine what will best create an amazing healed result, idividualized to you, that will achieve your goals.

Do Your Research!

We highly encourage you to do research before choosing a microblading studio, or microblading in Minneapolis, even if you don’t book with us. We more and more frequently receive requests to correct or touch up previously done work, though most of our artists at the moment do not accept corrective work. Be on the lookout for healed photo results, as they are the most important! Beautiful fresh work indicates artistry, while a consistent healed result indicates skill.